Welcome to the Vera-Licona Lab

Our research is at the intersection of computational systems biology and systems medicine, mathematical biology, and bioinformatics. We work on the design, software development, and application of mathematical algorithms to model, simulate, and control biological systems. We place a particular emphasis on methods combining multi-omics profiles for static and dynamic data-driven model reconstruction, analysis, and control of gene regulatory networks.

In molecular biology and systems genomics, we are interested in developing and applying tools for cell fate reprogramming. The application areas we are focused on include Immunology, Aging, and Cancer research (see Research).

We are located at the Center for Quantitative Medicine, which is part of the Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling.

We are always looking for passionate students at diverse levels and Postdocs to join the team(more info)!


October 13, 2022

Paola will give a talk today at the International Conference of Systems Biology (ICSB 2022) in Berlin within the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Session

July 29, 2022

Today Paola will give a talk at Institut Curie in Paris. The talk will be entitled A dynamical systems and control theory approach to cell reprogramming

June 20, 2022

New paper! We introduce NETISCE, a novel computational tool for identifying cell fate reprogramming targets in static networks

June 20, 2022

Welcome to Anna Kopec, our 2022 summer high school intern!

June 1, 2022

Welcome to Alex Jones, Ananya Patil and Zuizz Saeed, our summer undergraduate students!

May 15, 2022

Paola & collaborators received award from the Interstellar Initiative Alumni Program by the New York Academy of Sciences and Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. See coverage in UConn Today news

April 14, 2022

Lauren successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Lauren! We wish her a successful continuation with the last MD portion of her MD/PhD

January 1, 2022

New paper on bioRxiv introducing NETISCE, a network-based cell reprogramming tool

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